Thursday, September 11, 2008

Solutions for scrolling issue... Chrome...

Well i found few posts which fixes the scrolling issue... Well none of them helped me as i have an hp laptop with Synaptics mouse pad... But hopefully it resolves this issue for some of you;

Solution 1 - Comment from dudge669:

I downloaded the newest version of Microsoft’s “Intellipoint” mouse drivers and I can now scroll both directions and the downward scrolling doesn’t jump half the page like it did before either. Another side effect to this though that didn’t exist before installing the newest Intellipoint drivers is that like msujaws just mentioned, I can’t click down on the mouse wheel to scroll (but I never did that anyway). It might just be because of the new Intellipoint driver’s “instant window view” feature which is actually pretty cool.

Bottom line: If you’re having trouble scrolling down in chrome, update your mouse / Intellipoint drivers!

Solution 2 - Comment from kutluay:

I had the same problem with scroll up. I’ve removed lenovo mouse drivers and everything started working fine… try to uninstall unnecessary software.

Solution 3 - Comment from Kristian & bbox:

Here is a solution on XP systems:
Go to
->System Settings
->4th tab “Wheel”

Then use troubleshooting.

bbox adds:

It brought up an interactive window, telling me to run the app having the problem and then select it from the list. I did that, it said try it now, I did, it worked. The troubleshooter said it had added the app to the exception list and that some apps manage the mouse internally. I guess you can do that directly by clicking the advanced button just below the troubleshoot button.

Solution 4 - Comment from Jc:

Found a post that mentioned it was fixed by closing the Dell mouse software, which for me was the mouse icon by the clock (right-click -> Exit). This will allow me to workaround the issue until google fixes it.

One of these solutions should definitely help you in correcting that issue. If it does, then do leave a comment thanking the commenters for it :) If it doesn’t, do leave a comment leaving details on what exactly is the nature of your problem and details on your hardware and we’ll try and find a solution for it :)

Update: Solution 5 - Comment from pixelboy:

To fix this problem with the IBM/Lenovo Scrollpoint mice do the following:

Control Panel / Mouse
“ScrollPoint” Tab
Tick “Use Microsoft Office 97 Scrolling Emulation Only”
Doesn’t seem to affect other apps either.

Well Happy Chroming fellas...



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome First Impression.

Well... the browser caught a great deal of hype the moment Google announced its launch and was out within a day or two without making us wait a lot.

After downloading the Google Chrome browser which took few minutes, I immediately started working on it. First impression was "Hey!!! This looks simple..."
And so it was.

The tabs at the top is definitely a very user friendly idea. Also the webpage you open enjoys almost the entire screen area as there are no heavy toolbars or anything. Yes... even i was surprised, it doesn't even come with the default google toolbar. Well because the webpages occupy the entire screen area the Google homepage itself looks quite empty... Never mind... thats a different thing.

Thats not all about the tabs. Drag drop them to change their position and the GUI looks amazing. And if you think this is cool then just try dragging the tab on the main window and it will create a new window.

Another cool thing i liked about the browser was the incognito mode. Well it doesn't log any history on your desktop. Cool isn't it? You can now watch any A, B or X rated sites without worrying your elder brother might catch you after looking through the history... But yes... its bad for those like me whose laptops is often used by the roommates, even they can go to all the sites now where i dont go with the fear of catching some malicious thing...

One more interesting thing i found out was creating a shortcut for any site which you could place on your desktop or start menu. Select the page menu drop down and you would find the menu item of creating shortcut.

Opening the page shows you most visited pages by you.

Well... good things... right? But this is Beta... Within 15 minutes I found a couple of issues with it.
Scrolling through my mouse scroller doesnt scroll up, it scrolls down though.
Clicking on any link doesnt change the color or box it with dotted lines... You might end up clicking the link multiple times.
You enter username and password for few sites and press enter expecting the login button will be clicked. You are assuming if you are using Chrome for now.
Not very good with Flash player.
But the worst part... Try youtube videos and none of them will play... Hey Google... Thats not even in the known issues list. Whats going on?

But the best part is... Google knows its Beta... Go to the page dropdown and you have an option to log the bugs you find... No rewards though... But yes of course you might get a better browser over the period of time.

Well I have always been a Google worshipper so I would be using it regularly for some time though... You guys check it out. Google promises a different experience definitely.